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How to Decouple Your Income from Your Job

Jerome Myers

Jerome Myers leads The Myers Development Group, LLC, which focuses on buying broken apartment building businesses and using innovative thinking and solid execution strategies to optimize the operational efficiency of the business. Currently, Mr. Myers is asset manager for approximately 90 units and 90,000 square feet of workforce housing across Virginia and North Carolina and on a mission to hold 1,000 doors by the end of 2028. When not actively working on his personal portfolio he coaches other real estate investors on the Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing. Outside of real estate Jerome hosts the DreamCatchers Podcast, volunteers on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) boards and enjoys traveling internationally.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Building a Business prepared Jerome for success
  • Discovering that real estate can decouple your income from your job
  • Went from building a business to buying businesses
  • Partner with someone more experienced than you to break into the business
  • Have a contract not a handshake
  • Jerome prefers Joint Ventures to Syndication
  • Include junior Partners on your deals to create a better network
  • Buy assets with long term financing as a strategy to weather down terms
  • Dream Catchers is Jerome's program for helping people to build their dreams