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Growing as an Investor

Brent Kawakami

Brent Kawakami shares with us why he believes real estate investing works best in a team because as he puts it, “even if you could do it all yourself, I don’t know that you’d want to.” Over the past 8 years he’s dived into real estate as a source of cash-flow, beginning with single family rehabs to passive and now active investing in multifamily. Brent tells us about his path to finding the right partners and learning all the aspects of apartment syndication. Today, Brent works with Think Multifamily and is partnered on over 650 doors. His story is one that many share and that may speak to where you find yourself today.

Listen For

  • How to get out from behind your computer and start investing.
  • How to decide if a deal is for you.
  • How to figure out your role in a team.
  • Practical advice for asset management.
  • Brent’s take on the future of multifamily.

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