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Target Market Insights

John Casmon

Meet John Casmon, a marketer and real estate investor with a passion for sharing what he and others have learned about partnering to invest in bigger deals. His background in marketing has led him to produce the Target Market Insights podcast and co-found the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. As he says, “If you can provide value to other people it’s a disservice if you don’t tell people about the value you can create or how you can help them. So marketing is really just a tool that enables you to serve people in a better way.”

John’s love for the Midwest has led him to partner with other investors on over 900 units in cities like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Columbus. Today he shares with us some of the reasons why he thinks these are great markets, and what attracted him to multifamily investing in the first place.

Listen for:

  • How John and his wife have grown their portfolio from two units to over 900 units in just eight years.
  • What you need to know about your audience to serve them best.
  • Advice on how to broaden your marketing reach.
  • What’s appealing about the Midwest.
  • Factors you should consider when choosing a submarket.
  • How to identify your investing goals.
  • Lessons learned or why you should pay attention to lean waivers when managing an asset.

Mentioned on today’s episode:

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