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Cost Segregation

Yonah Weiss

Yonah Weiss shares with us how to lower your taxes with cost segregation. With 15 years experience in the world of education, Yonah applies his skills to the realm of real estate investing for both passive and active real estate investors. Yonah has tried his hand at single family fix and flips, commercial mortgage brokering, and multi-family syndication. He now works for Madison SPECS, a leader in cost segregation.

Important Points in This Episode:

  • Where does the term depreciation come from?
  • Why does the government offer these tax incentives?
  • What are the benefits of accelerating depreciation for passive and active investors?
  • What are some of the differences between various categories of cost segregation?
  • When is the best time to hire a cost segregation team?
  • How does someone qualify as a cost segregation engineer?
  • What is the bonus depreciation established in the 2017 tax reform?
  • How does the depreciation recapture tax affect the benefit of the bonus depreciation?

Mentioned on today’s episode: