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Automating Property Management

Dana Dunford

Real estate property management has long been ripe for market disruption and technological platform innovation. Dana Dunford gives us an in-depth view of how her company, Hemlane Technology set an example and raised the bar by streamlining and automating the entire lifecycle of rental management. Learn some hints and tips on how to tackle system inefficiencies and the current best in class practices in solving property-tenant relationships as well as how the market is transforming itself in the wake of the global pandemic.

Important Points in this Episode

  • 70% of the real estate investors in the US do not use the full-service property manager. Find out why not.
  • The smooth transaction between the property managers and tenants is a key part of the overall strategy.
  • Transparency in the process and the value of saving your potential client’s time is a huge component in how they perceive you and how it affects decision-making.
  • Exposing a common misconception that a lot of sales happen when the person is at the property.
  • How to go about in qualifying the best agents.
  • If you are looking for property managers, you need to know that there is no one size fits all.


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Quotes from Dana

“I think that as much as you can figure out what technology can do better than humans and what humans can do better than technology at this point in time, as much as you can distinguish between those two, it will make you a much better real estate investor.” - Dana

“What I found is that if you bring emotion a little bit and if it is done professionally, you will find that your tenants will give a lot more and will be a lot more understanding in a lot of situations.” - Dana