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John Batey and Cody Laughlin

Persistence and education. That is how John Batey and Cody Laughlin approach the challenges of being multifamily syndicators. John and Cody talk about the recent gloomy economic performance brought about by Coronavirus and how the real estate market responds to it in terms of rent collections, lending, and distributions. Compare and contrast the pros and cons between single-family investment and multifamily deals. Hear their “war stories” and how they got back up after a fall. Discover also the important role of collaboration and community in building your network profile and how you can start your way into real estate investment.

Important Points in this Episode:

  • John and Cody’s big leap from their respective careers as healthcare worker and oil trader to real estate investing
  • Advantages of active-passive limited investing
  • Single-family home wrap vs. Multifamily Investing
  • Coronavirus and its effect on rent collections, lending, and distribution
  • Factors that drive a deal