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Opportunities in the Midwest

Jason Wisniewski

Cash is the crux of any business and raising capital is one of the most challenging aspects in real estate management. Jason Wisniewski, a seasoned capital raiser who helped generate nearly 15 million dollars for multifamily projects, walks us through the process of looking for properties and sheds light on how business planning shapes the way investors look at a property. Through his experience, discover how he branched out from his local area, North Dakota, to the equally wide opportunities for real estate investing in Florida and Texas. Learn his secret on how to remain capitalized in a downturn of events such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Important Points in the Episode:

  • Jason’s leap from real estate investment in his local area, North Dakota, to Florida and Texas
  • Qualities to look for in a business partner
  • The power of proper planning
  • What investors are looking for in a real estate property
  • Roth IRA and self-directed IRA and why it’s a great addition to your retirement portfolio
  • Real estate investment vs stock market investment
  • Top tips for those looking for a property to invest in
  • Stress testing a property