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Adding Value and Creating a Return

Bruce Wuollet

Our guest for today may not have continued his family’s business in the baking industry, nonetheless, until today, he continues to ‘raise dough’, as he puts it, through the real estate business. Bruce is the founder and owner of Bakerson whose passion is to ‘serve the underserved’, those permanent renters who may never have a home but may want to live in one. He talks about the Five Pillars of his business: its passion, focus, mission, desire, and promise. Learn how he mitigates risk with his proven track record of 16 years with thousands of units bought, repositioned, and sold. Hear about how he balances among customer relations, property management, and investor relations.

Important Points in this Episode

  • Five pillars of his business
  • Brief history of Bakerson and the meaning behind its name
  • How Bruce repositioned and added value to a 74-unit asset
  • Leveraging experience
  • RUBS program
  • His communication styles when dealing with investors
  • How treating the residents with dignity actually stabilizes assets
  • Secret to choosing the right property manager