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Multifamily Insurance

Matthew Sutika

Multifamily housing partners face risks every day. To limit liability choosing the right insurance that will help clients navigate the complexities of the insurance process is, in reality, critical and imperative. Skylight Insurance is one of the modern-day insurance concierges with 75+ years of expertise and integrated capabilities. In today’s multifamily insurance space, customer insights, and sometimes partnerships with new carriers can offer innovative protection options that can address specific issues quickly, efficiently, and with ease.

Dive into this episode with Matthew to learn more about innovative risk mitigation solutions and protection options.

Important Points in this Episode

  • Learn about what exactly does an insurance cover for a multi-family property
  • What is the biggest factor in determining how much the insurance is going to cost
  • Post-deal asset management collaborations that offer additional protection
  • What a passive investor should do to qualify during the due diligence process
  • During the process of acquiring property, what can cause changes in the insurance

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Quotes from Matthew

“When it comes to working with an insurance broker, a lot of times you’re working with a broker who has always been an insurance guy or a large brokerage and they have like a sales rep for that brokerage. I look at it in a different way. I see myself as a business owner and I understand profits, margins and I just happen to also do insurance.” - Matthew

“Sometimes the insurance specialist doesn’t get to you until closer to close, and that is where I see deals go really bad. If you don’t get the certificates approved early, don’t understand the requirements and they make a correction as simple as co-insurance or something like that, you can have a 10K or 20K swing at that point and I see people getting stuck with that premium last minute.” - Matthew