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Innovative Business Models at Birge & Held

Kent Ritter

Our guest is a real estate investor and syndicator, who is the founder of the Indianapolis Multifamily Investing Meetup and the current Vice President of Investor Success for the Birge and Held Asset Management. A father of three young kids, Kent found his passion in helping others own their financial freedom by investing alongside him. Commonly, investors start their journey in real estate investing by having mentors. Contrastingly, Kent started through passive investing and by getting himself out there, looking for sponsors, creating networks, and finding people to invest with. He shares how he bounced back from a punch-in-the-gut deal that didn’t work well and the lessons he learned along with that. Also, with more than $1 billion in assets currently under management and a 12-year track record, discover the three things that set apart Birge and Held Asset Management from the rest. Kent reveals the reasons behind building communities primarily in the midWest from criteria, yield, market, and property standpoints.

Kent is also the host of the Ritter on Real Estate Podcast.

Important Points in this Episode

  • Kent’s beginnings in real estate investing
  • Biggest lesson learned from a deal that didn’t work out
  • Why sponsors are more important than the deal itself
  • What are bridge loans
  • Birge and Held Asset Management’s background
  • Three things that make Birge and Held unique
  • Birge and Held communities nationwide