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Smart Passive Investing

Raj Tekchandani

Today, we live in a world where data is unlimited and accessible. But what are its implications to real estate investors? Raj Tekchandani, founder and managing principal of Smart Capital Management, talks about his background in data analytics and how we leverage software tools to analyze markets and deals in order to maximize returns and minimize risks. Under this premise, he used data to dig around his neighborhood which eventually led him to purchase his first multifamily property in the Massachusetts area. He brings his significant experience from tech startups, single-family investment, to him forming a team of experts, up to his big plunge to real estate property syndication.

Important Points in this Episode

  • Raj’s big leap from tech to real estate
  • AI in real estate
  • Data sources for real estate investment
  • Why Raj decided to quit his job to do real estate investment
  • Raj’s first multifamily property
  • Raj’s transition to syndications
  • Covid-19 and its effect to his business
  • Secret to his success