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Jens Nielsen

Taking the typical path most responsible adults take – getting an education, a job, and saving for retirement – is only good as it gets. But take away the weekly paycheck, then it’s downhill from there. That’s what our guest for today realized that made him shift to multifamily investing to create income and wealth without relying on his full-time work. Jens Nielsen, an immigrant from Denmark 24 years ago, had no prior knowledge about real estate when he started. He educated himself through reading books, listening to podcasts, and joining a coaching program. Today, he has invested in over 800 apartment units, 500 mobile park lots, and over 4500 plus storage units. His long career in IT gave him the analytical skills to assess risks and complex deals. In this episode, he talks about his investments in Albuquerque and Pennsylvania, investments in mobile home parks, finding a good partner to make deals with, how to add value and give a good return to his investors, and the company he founded, Open Doors Capital.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Jen’s beginnings in real estate
  • Pros and cons of investing in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Investing in mobile home lots
  • Jen’s syndication projects in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Pennsylvania
  • Qualifications of a good partner
  • How to add value to investors
  • Jen’s optimistic view despite Covid-19



  • “Work on your mindset. Work on your personal affinity to take action.”
  • “When you plug or connect with other people, you don’t want to necessarily connect with a team that’s exactly like you because then you tend to see the world the same way.”