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Multifamily Rockstars

Ryan Nunes

Ex-Wall Street investor of 13 years, Ryan Nunes now leads Life Changing Capital, LLC to provide investors with an opportunity to grow their wealth by investing in apartment buildings. Dubbed as one of the youngest Managing Directors, he once led derivative sales teams and generated over $210 MM in gross margin by providing commodity price risk management solutions to senior oil & gas executives.

In this episode, we’ll hear about Ryan’s work in taking a sizeable amount of income to zero to neutralize it from a tax perspective, his company’s unique approach of providing mentorship with newbie investors and how he is guided by the principle that “sometimes the simple method is the best one.”

Important Points in this Episode

  • Joys and benefits of apprenticing your children early
  • Offsetting your tax to zero with passive syndication
  • Finding multi-family deals and the important role of having the right partner
  • Unparalleled tax benefits in diversification with multi-family investments
  • Investing in Wall Street vis-a-vis syndications
  • Property hunting amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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Quotes from Ryan

  • “It’s just a sound investment principle that you want to be diversified because you don’t know what could happen to any particular stock.” - Ryan
  • “The best part about being a real estate syndicator is that it’s your own business at the end of the day.” - Ryan