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From Wall St. to Main St. with SDIRAs

Josh Plave

Wanting to preserve the professional legacy of his grandfather and mother, Josh Plave made sure through extensive research and careful structuring, that he knew how to deploy and manage the retirement package left to him and his sisters. This landed him to real estate investment and eventually to multifamily investment. He founded Wall to Main where he helps investors move their retirement off of Wall Street to Main Street, educating them on the potential of their existing retirement accounts and how they can diversify and leverage the funds in their IRA. In this episode, he talks about three retirement options, structure of a self-directed IRA, and the holy grail of retirement vehicles. Learn also how to maximize your retirement investments in different scenarios that can possibly play out.

Important Points in This Episode

  • The unfortunate personal event that led Josh to multifamily investing
  • Finer points of a self-directed IRA
  • Who is considered as a “disqualified person” and what is a “disqualified transaction”
  • Structure of a self-directed IRA
  • Self-directed IRA vs Solo 401(k) vs EQRP
  • UBIT and UDFI
  • How to fund retirement accounts
  • Maximizing tax advantages
  • Process of setting up a retirement plan



  • “The nice thing about self-directing your retirement account is you can actually invest in just about anything you can possibly think of.”
  • “My ideal partner or investor is someone who complements me.”