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The Real Estate Physician

Cherry Chen, MD

The doctor is in! From looking after patients to investing in real estate syndications, Dr. Cherry Chen, a full-time Internal Medicine hospitalist, is on a mission to empower fellow physicians to move to greater financial independence through commercial real estate for passive income. She founded ‘’ and designed it to be a physician-forward resource that provides education and knowledge for those in the medical field who wants to invest in real estate without sacrificing the freedom to practice medicine in their own terms. This is something she wished she had then and now provides to over 700 members. Today, Dr. Chen’s pool of experience encompasses 2,500+ units across 9 properties including multifamily, self-storage, and mobile home asset classes, as well as raising private equities through real estate syndication.

Important Points in This Episode

  • How Dr. Chen got started with real estate investing from being in the medical field
  • What attracted her to real estate investing
  • What makes her comfortable with syndications
  • Her communication style and method in communicating with investors
  • ‘Physician’s Definitive Guide to Real Estate Syndication’
  • Common questions physician-investors usually ask



  • “I’m never in a position to convince anybody to invest. The whole point is to empower them so they feel knowledgeable. They have transparency and clarity. I think that’s so critical.”
  • “What makes this business really enjoyable is the relationship.”