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NFL Player Turned Commercial Property Broker

Logan Freeman

“Be open to anything yet attached to nothing.” – Wayne Dyer

This was Logan Freeman’s mantra. When life threw him curveballs, he needed to reinvent himself from being an athlete into a student and eventually into a commercial real estate investor. He is the founder of LiveFree Investments, a successful real estate investment firm that ensures strong returns on capital from secure, collateralized real estate investments. He has found a process and relies on his most valuable priorities to guide his profit-producing activities. A husband and a father based in Kansas City, Logan continues to reinvent himself through self-improvement strategies.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Logan’s transition from an athlete into a real estate investor
  • Building credibility in the market place
  • About LiveFree Investments
  • Kansas City and why it is a fantastic market to invest in
  • Baby boomers and how they affect the market strategy in Kansas City
  • Out-of-state investing
  • Points of advice given to out-of-state investors
  • Approaches on self-improvement
  • Logan’s online book club



  • “Focus on mastery instead of information overload. I took one book and I studied one thing twelve times over every single month until it was ingrained in my soul, in my head, in my mind.”
  • “I’m going to be a man of abundance and I’m going to choose growth today.”