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Going from Passive to Active Syndication

Julie Holly

Everybody has a story about their “big jump, or taking the leap”. Julie, over the past 20 years, fuses her passion and background in real estate and education to help others achieve their dreams. Her upbeat nature, love of learning, teaching, and connecting others lends themselves well to her role as the Three Keys Investments Vice President of Investor Relations. In this episode, the former public school elementary teacher turned real estate investor talks about how she reaches out to her investors and tenets by sharing her enthusiasm from her passive to active income transition, having a game plan to follow, and believing in the vision that she has for the future.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Julie gives an overview of how she started in real estate; how it helped that her family was in real estate, including getting her husband into the business as well
  • Jumping from single family to multi-family investments
  • How listening to Bigger Pockets Monick Halm of the Real Estate Goddesses helped her realize that real estate business is for her
  • Julie talks about how her parents, specially her father, gravitated her into the real estate industry
  • Being naturally intrigued by housing, architecture, and the process of helping people
  • How having a mindset of “abundance mentality” helps Julie help people in the industry
  • Where and the types of investments that Three Keys Investments capitalize in
  • Cause in the raise of rent in Huntsville during the COVID era and why did it happen
  • Where Julie bought her first property
  • Challenges of transitioning from passive investor to active investor, and where Julie sees the reward in this change
  • Julie suggests the The Real Estate Guys- Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar
  • Julie recommends Rod Khleif’s seminar and how it impacted her world in a powerful way
  • How going to seminars in a regular basis help people re-charge and up their skills
  • Julie’s plans on transitioning from her previous job to the real estate industry, and what she foresees in this transition
  • The process in how Julie cultivates her investors
  • Best part of being a real estate syndicator, ideal partner or client/ investor, mistakes and Julie’s takeaways from the experience



  • “I am going in my 20s, I am going to do something that actually terrifies me because I don’t wanna live in regret not trying real estate because I’m interested in it.”
  • “People who have their money tied up in other asset classes, that won’t serve them well, I mean, our generation is ill prepared for retirement years, and it terrifies me. And so I see this as an opportunity… I can help other people so they can be set for golden years.”
  • “I started taking all the steps I would expect my investors to take, I started doing them myself. If I’m gonna ask somebody to do something, I have to walk that path first.”
  • “Rising tides raises all ships. The more equipped I become, the better I become, the more I can help everybody else out.”
  • “Surround yourself by amazing people. I go to seminars to network, I go to seminars to learn, and I wanna be around people that are top tier people. I want to be around people that when they rub off on me, I’m going to rise up to their level and bring people with me and continue that.”
  • “You have to leverage every opportunity that comes your way. So instead of looking at it as a ‘Oh Jesus it’s happening,’ and start panicking, look at it as, ‘Okay, how can we make this work best for our family and for our clients?’”
  • “Mental market share is important.”