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Jillian Sidoti

Today’s guest is a woman of many flavors. Jillian Sidoti started out in the music industry, proceeded to finish her law degree, an author, a podcaster, and found her passion in helping people raise their capitals for their deals. In this episode, Jillian brings us to the world of crowdfunding and building generational wealth. She also explains the things that investors can expect in terms of disclosure and other law related issues on investing.

Important points in this episode

  • Capital raising is closely related to real estate.
  • Real estate entrepreneurs often fail to pay attention to the law and end up making mistakes.
  • Passive investors should be realistic and expect bumps in their investing journey, they shouldn’t be expecting amazing returns all the time.
  • Be clear-minded and clear-headed when analyzing if the investors have the required income and if they understand the risks in investing.
  • There’s no law that supports the three-touch rule with investors. Pre-existing relationship means intimate knowledge of one’s financial ability to invest.
  • The best part about real estate investor is the passive income, the cashflow, and the stream of money coming in monthly.
  • Jillian’s ideal partner is someone who focuses on the _7 Habits of Highly Effective People. _



  • “Raising capital is the means to an end. The raising capital helps you build the business, the business helps you build the cashflow, the cashflow helps you build generational wealth.”