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CPA Strategies for Reducing Your Taxes

Mark Perlberg

Today’s episode features Mark Perlberg, a CPA who specializes in real estate tax and a certified real estate tax coach. He works with real estate professionals, investors, and business owners to create tax strategies and optimize their tax savings. Listen to Mark as he talks about the strategies that passive investors can use for their real estate investments, about depreciations, and more.

Important points in this episode

  • Depreciation is a non-cash expense. Accelerating depreciation means creating a loss on paper leading passive losses. The income and revenues coming on are not subjected to tax liabilities.
  • Cost segregation engineers can give investors a ball park figure or range percentage of the property that they can depreciate.
  • Cost segregation study is best done on the first year of the property. The study allows you to identify the components that depreciate faster than the real estate.
  • Ideally, one would want to use all the losses to bring down the taxable income but if not, there’s the reserved passive losses that will offset future passive income.
  • You don’t need to use your passive losses on the property that generates your income, you can use it for your other businesses.
  • Mark’s ideal partner and clients are people who resonate with him. People whom he can connect with and volley ideas with.

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  • “When you are an investor … you have control and freedom to control your destiny. There are so many ways that you go about this journey.”