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Commerical Insurance and Multifamily

Darrin Gross

If you plan to get into the real estate investing business, then you must also make sure to protect your investment via real estate insurance. Today our guest is Darrin Gross. Darrin is an insurance broker based in Portland, Oregon who focuses on protecting real estate investors. He’s also an active real estate investor himself. His insurance practice focuses on working with Real Estate Investors, Lenders, and Developers of properties like apartments, retail, office, creative, warehouse and industrial.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Darrin started his real estate career back in 1990 when he met with a fraternity brother of his who at that time was also working in the real estate business
  • He was making more money than most of his friends even though he just started out in real estate investing
  • It is wise to know the asking price for the property so you can bargain for a discounted sale price
  • There was no cash flow in single family homes, so always opt to invest in multifamily homes
  • You can stop funding or trade your 401K with investing in multifamily homes real estate and you’ll have 10 times more savings for your retirement than with the 401K
  • Being a real estate investor gives you the freedom and flexibility to build wealth without trading your hours for dollars like in your 9-5 job



  • “But the point is that it really opened my eyes to the opportunity in real estate is to…there’s an asking price, but that doesn’t mean that’s the sale price.”
  • “One of the things that that appeal to me is the lifestyle that they (real estate investors) have, freedom and the ability to build wealth as oppose to trading hours for dollars.”