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Real Estate for Multiple Stream of Income

Huy Nguyen

Having the desire to make a passive income takes just the will to do it. Many people say they want this and that but when it comes down to coming up with plan on how they’ll get from point a to point b, they give up way too easily, because they think it’s too difficult. Meet Huy Nguyen, the man who accomplished his dreams by going out of his way to get what he wants! Today our guest is Huy Nguyen. Huy is a real estate investor and a real estate agent who serves family and friends, and clients that need to buy and sell houses in the Houston area. He’s an active real estate investor himself, his wife is involved in the house flipping business, and they ran several Arabian bees out of Houston. In addition to this he passively invests in real estate syndications.

Important Points in This Episode

  • When you travel to different parts of the world you get to open your eyes to the kinds of opportunities that we have here in the United States and we are so very fortunate than those people in other countries, yet we don’t even realize it.
  • People complain about pricing and how high the interest rates are, but in places like Vietnam and China it’s like 3-4 times higher and people have zero complains about it.
  • Asian people will eat noodles for a certain period of time just so they could see their investment grow – that’s dedication and perseverance that few people have – and that’s one of the secrets to success!
  • You can buy a single-family property and market it on Airbnb and you’ll get a decent ROI in a short amount of time.
  • Buy real estate properties where market data shows regular buy and sell transactions. Low yield areas real estate markets are not good to put your investment in.
  • The best thing about being a real estate investor is having more control over your life and your time.



  • “I know people complain about the prices over here. They freaking complain about their 4% interest rate that it’s too high, but if you go to outside of the United States and visit countries like Vietnam or China, you’re gonna see and people pay 5% or 10% interest rate and they don’t complain about it.”
  • “…when you do appreciation and depreciation and spent correctly usually these rentals show as lost in paper - legally. And these losses may deduct against your income and all of a sudden you consider paying, for instance, my income back then was around 90 grand. Instead of paying tax on 90 grand in my W2 income, I ended up paying only for 50 grand or 45 grand. This is basically a legal way for you to save on taxes.”