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Infinite Banking

Erica Neal

Infinite banking is a concept that we hear every now and then. Today’s guest is Erica Neal has a degree in Financial Economics. She learned that when you are working for big corporations, you become subject to their agenda. She left her career with the big corporate league and partnered with an independent financial firm. They aren’t tied to any specific company and this allowed them to be specific to the solutions they offer to their clients. In this episode, Erica Neal talks about her new company and shares her expertise on infinite banking.

Important points in this episode

  • Theoretically, infinite banking is for every person out there. The average person pays at least 37% of the income that they earn in their lifetime. That’s a loss and it’s often forgotten.
  • Infinite banking allows you to recapture some of that 37% and pour the interest back into your own pocket, to strategically save money and have access to it, and increase your wealth legacy within your family for generation without eating away your taxes.
  • Working with an infinite banking practitioner is a great way to start infinite banking.
  • There’s no such thing as a good financial tool or a bad financial tool, it’s about understanding the tool that we’re using and how to use it effectively. It’s about working with the right practitioner to help you understand the tools in the business.
  • Infinite banking utilizes a special designed cash value policy, the IRS categorizes these policies in a completely different asset class. Once available, the cash value you have is accessible within 24-hours you placed the call.
  • There are three financial legs in the financial world– 1.) Banking world where the money is safe and liquid but we’re not getting any growth, 2) Investment account which is a long—term play that takes more than 10 years but investments are not safe and are not immediately liquid, and 3.) Infinite banking where the money is safe, it grows, the money is immediately liquid, and it's completely privatized.
  • Real estate can be your investment tool or your accumulation tool and infinite banking is where you are hardwiring your cash.
  • With infinite banking, you are becoming your own banker. There is no specific amount of how much you put money you put in your account. You can be flexible with how much you can put it.
  • Real estate investors allow you to spend more time with your family while generating income in the background.
  • Erica loves working with people who are in the real estate business with dreams and aspirations. She loves working with people who are passionate and who want to grow in the business.



  • “Pick the right people to work with. The ones who share the same goals and intentions.”