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Multifamily Property Management in Pittsburgh

George O’Brien

Today’s guest is the CEO of Progressive Property Investments, George O’Brien. The company focuses on the markets near the Pittsburgh area. George O’Brien and his team put their attention not only on investors but also the contractors, vendors, and community leaders. Their passion for people helps them build a much stronger community and a much stronger company. In this episode, George talks about the Pittsburgh market and why it is so special that people have to invest there.

 Important points in this episode

  • The Pittsburgh market is extremely popular, it’s a traditional steel town with a solid cash flow. It has a lot of available jobs due to the different investors that flocked into the market in the last 10 years.
  • O’Brien’s primary market is an area called Greensburg. People chose to live in the area because of its affordability. It is also close to Pittsburgh, West Virginia, New York, and other bigger cities.
  • The Progressive Property Investment was created about four-five years ago when they knew that they wanted to buy rental properties. They started seeing value when they partnered with other individuals.
  • They already started working with third-party investors. They like to partner with those who have properties but no longer want to be the landlords, instead just want to have the assets. They also like working with people who want to get into real estate but are unfamiliar with the market.
  • Operations manager controls the construction management side of things. He supports the construction process and makes sure that everyone understands the vision, he also allocates work, and more.
  • At the Pittsburgh market, Brian and his wife are focused on building their portfolio. They want to stabilize and focus on the larger assets. Their reason for buying is for their third-party partnerships and investors.
  • Building networks doesn’t have to be all about sales, it should be about having sincere conversation with other people, getting out there and explaining what you do and adding value while doing so.
  • It’s always a learning curve for George O’Brien. The first deal is special, however, more opportunities will come due to the hot market. With an increased cash flow, you are able to increase the value of the property as well.
  • Most of their properties are joint-venture. Their purpose is to learn more about syndication and jump into the market.
  • When doing space conversions, there’s almost total reconstruction.
  • Brian’s ideal partners are people with similar focus and who are happy with how you turn their properties. For clients, Brian prefers people who are eager and interested to learn and willing to communicate.



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