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Grow Rich Captial

Krishan “Kay Kay” Singh

Winston Churchill once said that: We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.
This perfectly describes our guest for this episode. From being jobless in 2001, to owning gas stations and building laundromats for his community, and eventually acquiring real estate properties, Krishan or Kay Kay used his life experiences to grow his business and give back to his community. How did he do it? Krishan combined different asset classes together, a lot of it grew organically through him having a continuous investor mindset, with a desire to learn more. In this episode, Krishan talks about the levels of trust that he has with his investors, how he grew his humble laundromat business, and his amazing story of his passion for giving back.

Important Points in This Episode

  • Krishan talks about running multiple real estate asset classes within his business
  • How Krishan started in the business by first leasing a single gas station when he lost his job in 2001
  • Krishan’s first real estate property that he bought in 2005
  • How he felt when he was able to buy his first property in the US before buying his own house
  • How laundromats and multifamily properties work together in Krishan’s business
  • Acquiring properties, starting from gas stations, to laundromats, to multifamily
  • Krishan’s technology background and applying it to his laundromat business
  • Krishan explains his hi-tech laundromat bathroom, and why he charges 5 cents to keep it nice and clean for his customers
  • From growing his laundromats and shifting to multifamily in 2012
  • Managing the business with his nephew and daughter as business partners
  • The specifics of managing a business using a platform like Buildium
  • How Krishan started his Grow Rich Capital website with the investor mindset: looking for people who are interested in personal development and in growing their own wealth
  • Using a 90-day action plan to build a website himself
  • Krishan talks about the places he has invested in
  • What Krishan did to raise money for a property deal in just 3 days
  • Advice for people who also wants to build an investor-based or raise money
  • Krishan’s secrets to keep his mindset positive, and growing
  • Krishan talks about passion: giving back to his community by building laundromats
  • Krishan shares how he helps children in India through the Forgotten Children Organization
  • Founding his own charity to help children from 6 non-profit organizations around the world
  • Best part about being a real estate investor according to Krishan
  • Krishan says that his ideal business partners and clients are his investors
  • Mistakes that he made and lessons learned



  • “We, Indians, have a love for the real estate, and you’ll see a lot of Indians in the real estate business: single family, multi family, commercial, everything.”
  • “That laundromat was a piece of art: the best in Northeast Indiana, because it was all computerized, it was all digital, so it was unattended. I could do everything from my phone. I could run a laundromat from my phone.”
  • “You will be surprised: our bathroom door even opens with a card and we charge 5 cents.”
  • “I have structured it (managing my business) in such a way that I am free.”
  • “I had a lot of time to learn everything.”
  • “To learn more, when I started investing, I thought, ‘Okay, now I have got to diversify. I can’t keep investing with one person’. So I got to diversify, and I want to diversify with different markets as well.”
  • “I had time. With my use of my technology, I had plenty of time. Now, I was not managing the laundromat and the gas stations as well, and I was spending only 9 hours a week managing all those multi and single family. I was also working from home, so I had plenty of time.”
  • “There were a lot of other people like me who owned other businesses, gas stations, restaurants… they didn’t know that they could invest. And a lot of people still don’t know that they could invest in properties like this.”
  • “That’s what I started doing: I started educating my investors. So I built my website, I made a Facebook Group. And also, I started contacting people to tell them.”
  • “I have always, always invested my own money first. I’m always the first investor in my deal.”
  • “There is no hard and fast rule.”
  • “Multifamily is a networking business. Your network is your net worth.”
  • “Consistency is also the key in this business.”
  • “If you don’t talk to people, how would people know?”
  • “I have the passion of giving back to the community. And that started when I built a laundromat.”
  • “I thought, “I had been here about 12 years, in this neighborhood, and this neighborhood has made me rich. So they really need a laundromat, even if I don’t make money.’ I was feeling the pain that they were going through every day. They were coming to the gas station and asking for quarters, and cursing the owners that the machine took their quarters.”
  • “I don’t discriminate on color, sex, country, nationality, religion, or anything. We help whoever we can.”