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Matt Picheny

Today’s episode is the Managing Partner of the MJP Property Group, a real estate investment company. Matt Picheny has over 15 years of experience in property analysis, financing, acquisition, and operations. In this episode, Matt talks about his expertise and experiences in real estate and finance. He also talks about his book where he shares about his journey on delivering successful projects at the highest quality.

Important points in this episode

  • Matt grew his network by going out there, joining different groups, joining mentor groups such as Mastermind. He also runs meetups, he uses LinkedIn to the full, writing articles for Forbes and other online publications, and writing his own book.
  • He started off in musical theater and after graduation, he went off to a tour across the country. He had a great career going out for him but then he got interested in website development and design and gradually shifted into that industry all the while doing part-time real estate.
  • Matt’s book has unique stories and lessons of his life. It entails his journey of his beginnings in real estate from his first purchase of a primary residence to his first real estate investment.
  • You learn a lot of things when you stick with other operators and syndicators – you learn how they do business, how they face the challenges, how they communicate with people, and more.
  • Of his 5,000 units, 75% of these are deals where he’s a passive investor and 25% of them are deals where he owns outright or where he is the syndicator.
  • Matt invests in passive as he can’t be an expert in every location so instead, he works with experts in specific locations and markets.
  • Transparent communication is one of the most important things in syndication. Matt reports every detail and changes he does in every property to his investors to ensure transparency.
  • Matt started a real estate club called _The Multifamily Network Investors of Massachusetts, _it’s a meet up for investors, real estate reps, and others who want to learn about multifamily investing. At the moment, they now have over a hundred people in their events. It’s a great real estate community in the Boston area.
  • The meetups they do is about meeting people and providing value for others.
  • Matt’s book is a narrative of how you can enjoy passive investing and how you can turn from passive to active investor.
  • Real estate means having the freedom of creating your own schedule.
  • Matt’s ideal partner is someone who cares about the work they are doing. Matt looks at investing as activism, it requires work and it is also about giving back to the community.
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  • Follow Matt Picheny on LinkedIn or send him a mail at:
  • Check out their company website here.
  • Get the book, “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results,” by Gary Keller here.


  • “In deals, look at the three things – who is the sponsor, the location, and the deal itself.”